Photography at Lula, Urbanautica

Those of you who have been to Lula in the last month know that my photos are included in the Spring 2010 show, which is curated by Anders Nilsen and Marianne Fairbanks. The show focuses on the economy and housing and pairs my images with work by two other Chicago artists: Alyssa Miserendino and Alysia Kaplan.

If you’re not ready to head to Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood right now, there’s a nice feature on the Isolated Building Studies at the Italian photography compendium Urbanautica. The website also recently featured new work by another Chicago photographer, Dave Jordano.


One thought on “Photography at Lula, Urbanautica”

  1. Hey there, I was lucky enough to get to visit friends in Chicago–and Lulu’s as well, where we saw your photographs. If there’s any chance that you’re going to be exhibiting in San Francisco, please drop a line (or put me on a mailing list or e-list). Really enjoyed your work. Thank you!

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