Photographing The Bloomingdale Trail

Boys Starting a Fight

Since 2009 I’ve been working on a series of photographs documenting the Bloomingdale Trail, a disused elevated rail line in Chicago that is on its way to becoming a linear park.

I won’t complete the project until at least sometime next year, but I will be contributing six of the photographs to a large group show at the end of the month. The show, “Reframing Ruin: a Prelude to the Bloomingdale Trail,” opens from 7pm-11pm on Friday, July 29 at the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival. (More details are available on facebook.) A diverse group of people is contributing to the event, and I’m looking forward to seeing the full exhibition.

I haven’t published many photographs from this project, so I’ve included few images from the ongoing series here.

Bloomingdale Trail Entrance



Abutting the Trail

Father and Son

The Bloomingdale Trail at Night

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  1. I remember stumbling across that trial when I lived in Chicago (Logan Sq.) back in 1993, and walked all the way down to around the Kennedy. I wish I knew where I put the (amateurish) snapshots I took. Anyhow…just wanted to compliment you on your achingly beautiful photos of Chicago. I’ve bookmarked your blog and will keep an eye on it from my cubicle here in Tokyo.

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