Camden, New Jersey Street Motorcycle Races

Camden Motorcycle Street Races

Every weekend, motorcycle and all terrain vehicle enthusiasts gather on the north side of Camden, New Jersey. Driven from most city streets by the police, the participants converge in and around Pyne Poynt Park to race amongst a patchwork of row houses and vacant lots. The riders are predominantly male, ethnically diverse and range in age from teenagers to those in their late 20s, while bystanders span from the very young to even the mothers of some of the riders.

Despite tricks and high-speed races, police officers mainly leave them alone, perhaps figuring it’s better to sequester the riders than risking police chase accidents like the one that left one rider with a broken back and seizures. Even so, the occasional warning siren from a passing squad car is greeted with jeers, engine revving and more than a few choice gestures.

The following images are a sampling of the events and the surrounding area.

Camden Row Houses

Camden Motorcycle Street Races

Camden ATV Street Race Begins

In the Dust

Camden Motorcycle Races

Watching the Camden Motorcycle Street Races

Watching the Camden Motorcycle Street Races

Smoking on ATV

Camden Motorcycle Street Races

Street Basketball, Camden

4 thoughts on “Camden, New Jersey Street Motorcycle Races”

  1. this is pretty amazing stuff. I like the photography and the story is cool but kinda depressing at the same time. Life goes on I guess.

  2. Dear David,

    These pictures are amazing, what led me to your site is the community side of the racing and ATV use. Would you be at all interested in talking further about your research. The idea is to see what it would take to get an official ATV park in Camden that provides the same riding space and freedom that is already achieved.

    Feel free to email me.

  3. Yooo these pics are tough. These dudes have so much swagger, especially el gordo in the green polo, smokin a boge! hahaha good shit bruh.

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