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Houston, Texas, the Third Ward, and the Energy Economy

Last week I made a short visit to Houston, Texas during the American Collegiate Schools of Planning conference. When I wasn’t downtown, I spent the majority of my free time in the Third Ward, one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods and home to Project Row Houses. The city’s lack of zoning and the neighborhood’s proximity to the central business district are producing new challenges for the community, which is threatened by residential developments that are physically and socially out of character with the neighborhood.

But a visit to Houston wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the region’s many industrial and oil service areas, so I spent an afternoon along the Houston Ship Channel in cities like Pasadena and later stopped by Chevron’s downtown facility.

The following images are highlights from that visit, although I will slowly post others to my Houston set.

The Third Ward

Walking Through Project Row Houses

New Construction, Third Ward

Grand Opening

Residential Juxtaposition, Third Ward

In Town Homes, Ferrari

Beyond the Third Ward

Residential Neighborhood, Valero Houston Refinery

Pasadena Gun Center and Shooting Range

Oil Storage, Truck

Chevron Corporate Office Entrance, Houston, Texas

Aerial Junkyard View

Cleveland, Ohio

Throughout October I looked forward to my recent trip to Cleveland, Ohio. Despite regularly visiting the city throughout the 1990s, I hadn’t spent any time there in a decade. I was anxious to see how some of the neighborhoods hardest hit by deindustrialization (and other critical social dynamics) had fared since earlier visits. With that in mind, I mainly focused on the East Side and the Cuyahoga Valley, although I covered considerable ground in a few busy days.

A handful of my favorite images from the visit are below, and additional images are available on my flickr account.

Special thanks go to Jeremy Shondrick for the company and wayfaring advice.

Jack's Video Sports Bar

Piles, Cuyahoga River Bridge

Former Randall Park Mall Entrance

Rabbit Yard

No Road

Home of the Vikings

Early Methodist Church Photograph

The Pit Bar-B-Q

The Palace

The End of the Block

A Short Visit to Lubbock, Texas

I just returned from a visit to Lubbock, Texas for the opening of my show at the Texas Tech University School of Art on September 2. While my schedule at TTU kept me busy, I was fortunate enough to have some free time to explore the city along with the Director of Landmark Arts, Joe Arredondo, and TTU MFA photography students Sarah Jamison and Tom Turner. Here are a handful of favorite images from the visit. As always, additional images from the trip can be seen on flickr.

Oil Pump at Night

The Corner

Robert Bruno's Steel House

At Night on the Edge of Lubbock, Texas

Lubbock Main Center

At Night

Vancouver, British Columbia

I just returned from a trip to Vancouver, British Columbia for the International Visual Sociology Association‘s annual meeting. While there, I had an opportunity to learn more about Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside thanks to Naomi Bartz, Kelly Nairn and some of my own exploring. The area is the location of a major redevelopment effort, particularly in regards to its high number of boarding houses and SROs. If you’re interested in learning more about the area and its housing issues, the City of Vancouver Social Development Department has several interesting reports, including this section on the Single Room Accommodation By-law.

Below, the first image is of the neighborhood’s new mixed-income Woodward’s redevelopment, complete with its staged photograph of the Gastown Riots. A few images of the Downtown Eastside SROs (and the clubs on their first floors) follow, after which I’ve included a few of my favorite images from throughout the city. As always, you can view more of my photographs from the trip on flickr.

Inside the Woodward's Redevelopment, Stan Douglas's

Vancouver's Favorite Country Music Pub (and SRO)

Looking East on Hastings

Regent Hotel, Union Market, Hastings Street


Other Vancouver Photographs



Military Housing

Vancouver Tunnel Skate Park

Save-On Meats


Albuquerque, New Mexico and Pajarito Mesa

Last week I flew to New Mexico to attend the amazing Review Santa Fe (about which I may write later), and I was fortunate enough to be able to spend a day in Albuquerque before heading northeast. The highlight of my brief visit to Albuquerque was spending a little time in a colonia to the southwest of town on the Pajarito Mesa.

Due to a variety of legal issues, the 400 family colonia has no public utilities, including running water, electricity or direct access to school busing for children. Despite this immigrant community living on the mesa for approximately 25 years, it only recently received a well to fill portable water tanks. Residents previously had to drive several miles off of the mesa for potable water. The new well offers 1,000 gallons of water for $10.

Additional information about the community can be found here. A few of my photographs of the area are immediately below, followed by others from Albuquerque and its edges.

Warning: Purchasing Property on the Pajarito Mesa May be Illegal

Filling the Water Tank

Colonia Pajarito Mesa


Albuquerque, New Mexico

Residential Building

In the Dust, Out West

In the Dairy Lot

Swamp Cooler Service

A Road Through the Scrap Piles

Mt. Calvary Cemetery

As always, additional images are available on flickr.

Dallas, Texas and Tushka, Oklahoma

I recently spent a few days in Dallas, Texas and a half day in Tushka, Oklahoma, which is steadily rebuilding after being struck by a tornado in April. The tornado clean up provided a clear focus to my southern Oklahoma images, while my Dallas images were primarily trained on its near southern and western sides of the city. A selection of my images from the region is below.

As always, you can see additional images from Dallas and Tushka and its surroundings on flickr.

Dallas, Texas

Texas Paint & Wallpaper


Along the Water

Elmers Drive-In, Downtown Dallas

The Horse


Laredo Muffler & Radiator


Big Daddy's Liquor Beer Wine

Tushka, Oklahoma

SBA Disaster Assistance, Damaged Commercial Property

Family Room

Main and Oklahoma

Tornado Shelter, Cleanup at the School

Burning Post-Tornado Debris

Swingset, Debris Pile

Preparing the Chairs

New Orleans, Louisiana

I’ve just returned from a few days in New Orleans attending the Society of Architectural Historians‘ annual meeting and visiting field sites. In my spare time, I photographed other portions of the city, from which a selection is posted below. If you’d like to see more, a variety of other images from 2010 and 2011 are posted in my New Orleans set on flickr.

Walking, Cemetery

New Orleans Central Business District in the Late Afternoon

Thou Shalt not Kill

Sitting Woman, Restaurant Signage, Defunct Pay Phone

Residential Buildings, Boys on Bicycle, Falstaff

Cutting Hair at Public Enemy Cuts

Before I die...

Don't Kill Our People

Rehabilitation, Dixie Beer

Rims & Tire Services Before Sunrise

Topeka and Kansas City

I just returned from a visit to Topeka, Kansas and Kansas City (Kansas and Missouri), where I conducted some interviews, visited with good people and, of course, photographed. While I came down with a cold in Kansas City, I was still able to do a little shooting in both locales. Some of my favorite images from the trip are below.

Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City

Railroad Tracks, Grain Elevator, Skyline


Inner City Oil Co. Inc.


Peace in the Hood, Paz en el Barrio

Basketball Court

Topeka, Kansas

Hanover Pancake House, McDonald's, Water Tower

Used Car Sales

North Topeka Intersection

Shoveling Snow Outside Bradley's Corner Cafe

Beneath I-70

517, Railyard

McAbee Body Shop in the Snow Storm