Topeka and Kansas City

I just returned from a visit to Topeka, Kansas and Kansas City (Kansas and Missouri), where I conducted some interviews, visited with good people and, of course, photographed. While I came down with a cold in Kansas City, I was still able to do a little shooting in both locales. Some of my favorite images from the trip are below.

Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City

Railroad Tracks, Grain Elevator, Skyline


Inner City Oil Co. Inc.


Peace in the Hood, Paz en el Barrio

Basketball Court

Topeka, Kansas

Hanover Pancake House, McDonald's, Water Tower

Used Car Sales

North Topeka Intersection

Shoveling Snow Outside Bradley's Corner Cafe

Beneath I-70

517, Railyard

McAbee Body Shop in the Snow Storm

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  1. love these photos; it makes me wish i hadn’t stopped my small town series for the winter!

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