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Dallas, Texas and Tushka, Oklahoma

I recently spent a few days in Dallas, Texas and a half day in Tushka, Oklahoma, which is steadily rebuilding after being struck by a tornado in April. The tornado clean up provided a clear focus to my southern Oklahoma images, while my Dallas images were primarily trained on its near southern and western sides of the city. A selection of my images from the region is below.

As always, you can see additional images from Dallas and Tushka and its surroundings on flickr.

Dallas, Texas

Texas Paint & Wallpaper


Along the Water

Elmers Drive-In, Downtown Dallas

The Horse


Laredo Muffler & Radiator


Big Daddy's Liquor Beer Wine

Tushka, Oklahoma

SBA Disaster Assistance, Damaged Commercial Property

Family Room

Main and Oklahoma

Tornado Shelter, Cleanup at the School

Burning Post-Tornado Debris

Swingset, Debris Pile

Preparing the Chairs

New Orleans, Louisiana

I’ve just returned from a few days in New Orleans attending the Society of Architectural Historians‘ annual meeting and visiting field sites. In my spare time, I photographed other portions of the city, from which a selection is posted below. If you’d like to see more, a variety of other images from 2010 and 2011 are posted in my New Orleans set on flickr.

Walking, Cemetery

New Orleans Central Business District in the Late Afternoon

Thou Shalt not Kill

Sitting Woman, Restaurant Signage, Defunct Pay Phone

Residential Buildings, Boys on Bicycle, Falstaff

Cutting Hair at Public Enemy Cuts

Before I die...

Don't Kill Our People

Rehabilitation, Dixie Beer

Rims & Tire Services Before Sunrise

Topeka and Kansas City

I just returned from a visit to Topeka, Kansas and Kansas City (Kansas and Missouri), where I conducted some interviews, visited with good people and, of course, photographed. While I came down with a cold in Kansas City, I was still able to do a little shooting in both locales. Some of my favorite images from the trip are below.

Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City

Railroad Tracks, Grain Elevator, Skyline


Inner City Oil Co. Inc.


Peace in the Hood, Paz en el Barrio

Basketball Court

Topeka, Kansas

Hanover Pancake House, McDonald's, Water Tower

Used Car Sales

North Topeka Intersection

Shoveling Snow Outside Bradley's Corner Cafe

Beneath I-70

517, Railyard

McAbee Body Shop in the Snow Storm

A Little Time in San Diego

My time in San Diego was different from other recent trips, because I didn’t have a lot of time for neighborhood exploration other than direct work on the urban redevelopment project. Even so, I was able to spend a little extra time in the city.

Here are a few images from time in Barrio Logan and the other neighborhoods immediately north and south of downtown.

Overhead, Working

Utility Box

At Play



San Diego Sports Center, Illuminated Car

National Market & Liquor

Transitions Between Here and There

My interest in the transformation of the built environment started with watching the razing of central Indiana farmsteads for suburban expansion in the early 1990s. These buildings, like the one below, became the subjects of my first landscape photographs.

Hamilton County, Indiana, 1994
Hamilton County, Indiana, 1994

While I typically work in urban areas now, I make an effort to spend time in the rural and transitional areas between Indianapolis and Chicago whenever I have occasion to leave the city.

Many of the same issues affect these areas as they did when I was learning about them in the early 1990s, but the region is more complex than it was then. Even with the recent recession, the rural edges are still pressured by suburban expansion, but a variety of other economic and geographic pressures demonstrate the changing rural landscape.

The area is dotted with vestiges of commerce, from familiar billboards and grain elevators to new forms of industry, including wind turbines and industrial agriculture property. Together, they introduce new pressures on longstanding concerns about exurban development while providing some hope against outmigration in truly rural communities.

With those brief thoughts as background, here are a few of my favorite photographs of the places between my former and current homes.

Indiana Hub Center Remington

Agribusiness at Night 3

Christmas Eve

Eagle Creek Cemetery


A New Rural Landscape

Otterbein Town Square

Sheridan, Christmas Eve

The Fowler Theatre

Basketball in Lebanon, Indiana

Transition: Suburban Development and Farm

Kyburz Auto Center Stage, Wind Turbines

Twin Kiss

Grain Elevator, Mobile Home

At Night

A Year of Photographing Elsewhere

There’s no question that 2010 was an unprecedented year for my fieldwork. In addition to many Chicago area opportunities, I visited nearly two dozen major U.S. cities and had the opportunity to spend time in Belfast, Northern Ireland during Twelfth Night. Each location allowed for several days in the field, so I’ve amassed quite a collection of photographs.

As a way of getting a handle on that work, I pulled out one favorite photograph from many of the locations I visited. A few were exhibited in my recent work shows at the Op Shop and Everyblock, as well as the “Considering the City” show at Work • Detroit, but one would have to consistently follow my flickr stream to see all of these images — so I thought I should share them here.

Atlanta, Georgia


Baltimore, Maryland

Perlman Place, Baltimore

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Belfast Loyalist Bonfire Preparation, View #1

Chicago, Illinois

Residential Building, New Lights

Clinton, Iowa

Detroit, Michigan

Lit Sides

Indianapolis, Indiana


Las Vegas, Nevada

Police Raid, Children Walking

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Running Through the Demolition Site

New Orleans, Louisiana

Davis Mortuary Service, Crescent City Connection

New York City, New York

Metal Recycling, Cooperative Housing, Bronx

Oakland, California

In the Glow

Phoenix, Arizona

Sunnyslope Mountain, Women Talking

San Francisco, California


Sparta, Georgia

Hancock County Court

Washington, D.C.

Memorial, Anacostia Public Housing

Phoenix, Arizona

I recently visited the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area to work on projects with Danielle Wallace and Robert Kane, as well as continue working on the long term project on reimagining the built environment. The following photographs are some of my favorite supplemental images from the city. Additional photographs can be viewed on flickr.

UPDATE: The last image in this post is now available for purchase from Nova Gallery.

Residential Building, Skyline

Dog, Public Housing, Laundry

Training at the Grant Park Boxing Club

Trailer Park Laundry Room

Residence, Plane

Sunnyslope Mountain, Women Talking

Beware of Dog

Watering the Lawn

Playing at Sunset

Christmas Tree, Alley

A Few Images from the Bay Area

I recently visited the Bay Area for the annual meeting of the ASC and to continue work on another project, but I had an opportunity to do a little additional shooting while there. The following images are selections from those other opportunities in San Francisco, Oakland and Alameda. Additional images from this visit and another from 2008 are available on flickr.

Man Walking, Blimp

At Sundown


A Problem


At the End of the Block

In the Glow

In His Shop

Residential, Industrial

Naval Air Station Alameda

From Above

Group Photography Book Release: Migration

Migration: Lost and Found in America

I’m excited to say that five of my images are included in Migration: Lost and Found in America, a new photography book edited by Donald McCrea that was just released by MWP. There are some great photographers in the bunch, including Dave Jordano, Edward Burtynsky and Susana Raab.

If you’re interested in owning photography books: It will be available in bookstores near you starting November 1 and is available now through amazon.

The complete photographer is as follows: Alex Harris, Bill Sosin, Dave Jordano, David Schalliol, David Zaitz, Donald McCrea, Edward Burtynsky, Jerry Downs, Joe Burull, Kenneth Jarecke, Mark Indig, Peter Granser, Susana Raab, Travis Ruse, William Greiner and Will Steacy.